What is Ethereum?

You might have heard about ethereum somewhere but you are not sure about what it is. It is now a good thing that you don’t know about it but I will explain it in detail. It is basically an open source computing platform and it a block chain-based operating system which enables the public to transact through crypto currency. It has more than 1300 cryptocurrecies that you can trade with. On the other hand ethereum is one of the platforms that has risen to be one of the best place where you can transact and trade you currencies. Trading in this case, means sending, receiving and paying for goods and services using various currencies.

In ethereum, the transaction of ether is done through a series of blockchains. The blockchain allows you to buy and sell it hence the confirmation for transaction can be accrued or achieved after every transaction. The best thing you need to know about this platform is that is totally decentralized and has no banks in between that normally chip in as intermediaries. With no banks to provide confirmation of receipts and all the transactions, it runs by a powerful cooptation tool known as the algorithm. A complete process from ethereum is basically known as the ether.

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On the other hand, you need to be aware of the idea that bitcoins are not considered as rewards for ethereum but the rewards here are basically ethers. In that case ethers are used when transacting everything in the ethereum platform. The transaction are done online and allows one to save money in helps in ensuring that your money values grow with time. For instance, with ethereum, the value of a single ether went up from $10 to about $1100 in the year 2017. If during this period one had a number of them, then it would have meant that you could have earned more than 1000 times your value.

Unlike other platforms like bitcoin, etherem have a different goal and the main goal is basically to use ether tokens hence run applications and smart contracts which will accrue profits. If you have been wondering what ethereum is all about, then here is what you have been looking for. Ethereum is the best cryptocurrency platform where you can trade with other individuals online, buy for goods and services and even save your ethers with the aim of accruing profits from the rising value in future.