Who is Roger Ver?

Roger Ver is one of the earliest discoverers and investors in bitcoin. Being of the lovers and proponents of crypto currency he has accrued the name “Bitcoin Jesus” simply because he was so much interested in bitcoin business to a point where he went to prison after an allegation that he was trading bitcoins with explosives on eBay and this landed him a tem month jail terms. Although he claims that he discovered bitcoins in 2011, he was one of the first people to adopt digital currencies and that is the reason behind why he decided to allow people to transact using bitcoins in his site known as the MemoryDealers.com. His willingness to take risks were seen when he for the first time allowed people to pay for services using bitcoins.

Why was he called Bitcoin Jesus?

By the year 2018, Ver is reported to have accumulated more than 400,000 bitcoins meaning that he was accepting payments through bitcoins. However, he was not used to holding the bitcoins for himself and he could convert them so that he cold fund the project that he had started. The project he had started was basically aimed at making sure that bitcoin currencies became the most popular all over the world. It is also true that he has invested in various blockchain projects such as Kraken and Ripple.

He value bitcoins so much that people called him bitcoin Jesus simply because he even started an online business known as the bitcoinstore.com. With this online store, he offered almost all the items that people would ask for online. The most amazing thing is that you would be allowed to transact using bitcoins only and then drew more and more followers hence accumulating bitcoins plus the profits values associated with them. He continued to advocate for the need to adopt bitcoins in each and every transaction and this means that he preached tirelessly about how good transacting with bitcoins was.

He future of Bitcoin future according to Ver

It was in the year 2017 when Ver lamented and expressed sadness about the future of bitcoins. However, in the earlier years had pushed so much just to see that bitcoins becomes a mainstream business element. Although some saw him as retrogressive, he proposed for the need to increase the size of block size limit with believe that it would allow people to pay for goods and services. He also believed that the adoption of bitoins would reduce fees associated with paying using other currencies.